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Dear Parents,


• Parents are suppose to guide children, not make their decisions for them.

• Parents are suppose to listen to their children when they have a problem, not give lectures about what they did wrong.

• Parents are suppose to support their children with decisions that are important to them, not shun their child because they disagree.

• Parents are suppose to make their child feel loved and appreciated, not make their child fearful towards them.

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One of their funniest “gay” moments, hahaha!

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And so the journey begins..

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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this is the best photo set in existence


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Bear Hugging Leg
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20 kids and 6 teachers were shot and killed today at an elemtary school in Newton, Conneticut. Above is a picture of a mother holding her son as he cries in fear and terror. You can only imagine how that mother must feel right now…relief? anger? sadness? Its hard to say without being in her shoes.

Also a picture of a note written by a boy who thought he was going to die. (many people are saying he died but acccording to accurate news articles online he did survive) Imagine what he must have been feeling to write this letter. Instead of sitting down crying he took the time to write his parents a goodbye letter saying how much he loved them…It absolutely breaks my heart </3

It doesnt matter what blog you have…take the time to reblog this for the familes who are mourning the loss of their children and others mourning the loss of their sisters, brothers, mothers, and so on.

forever reblog. this was the most terrible and devastating thing.

this is so heart breaking, that idiot deserves nothing else but misery

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mermaid dancing

mermaid dancing

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Reblog if you can hear them say it.



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Zoom Lars Vaular &amp; Sondre Lerche

Lars Vaular & Sondre Lerche

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